Baby Healed

Testimony 23.4.2020

My niece, at three weeks old, was admitted to hospital due to having a high temperature and not feeding. She was very limp and this was in the thick of the coronavirus pandemic. On arrival she had tests done to screen for meningitis, through a spinal tap, and blood tests to see whether it was a bacterial or viral infection. She had a cannula inserted to give her antibiotics periodically throughout the day, in case it was a bacterial infection. She was kept in hospital for three days with her mother. The parents were distressed at seeing her so unwell and felt helpless, not knowing what this illness may be and also because she was so very tiny to be having such invasive tests done. The father had to leave them both in hospital for three days and two nights and the whole family were worried and emotional. They all prayed for her health and normal little self to return. As soon as I knew she was admitted to hospital I contacted the Norfolk Healing Room (HR) team and asked for prayers. After day two the baby was almost fully back to herself, feeding and not displaying signs of ill health or high temperature. Test results asserted that it was a viral infection and thankfully, not covid19. She was so completely healed that she was able to leave on the morning of day three. She continues to thrive, is happy and content. Her parents were exhausted from the sleepless nights and constant worrying over the weekend, but were both relieved and grateful for all the support and the answers to prayer. The healing was quick and the comfort received from the healing prayers were tangible. All of us gave thanks to God for answered prayer and the family were very grateful for the strong faith and care from the HR team.


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