Hi This is AJ

When we visited Norfolk the other week and met you at the meeting, a man called out those with bad backs.  He really prayed for me but I didn’t feel anything. A couple of days later, my mid back, which has been a real problem to me for over 20 years started to feel stronger.

I usually go to the physio therapists once a month for treatment but couldn’t go.  When I did manage to go to her, she started to work on the troubled area of my back. She said, “what have you been doing?  I cant find the tension and thickening and the stiffness in your middle back.  This is really unusual as you have missed your appointments!”  I also noticed that there wasn’t any pain when she massaged that area of my back.   Usually, if I miss an appointment, I go into spasm and cant work!

I told her about Jesus and the healing meeting.  She said, “well, if he’s got it, then take it.”

God is good x


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