Thank you for praying for me on the 24th of May. Since I received that prayer the throbbing back pain I have had for years is gone. I cannot remember when I did not have back pain, sitting for too long was bad for me, standing for long was bad for me, walking for long was not good for me. I have been to different doctors both here and abroad, some especially here have said they cannot see anything, others abroad have said I have a herniated disc. For months I have been going for physio to calm the pain, I enrolled for the gym as other health practitioners said if I could lose some of the weight I could feel better. Buy now since that prayer I am completely free of pain.

And the team saw a picture of a dog while praying for me, and I am sure it is the dog which attacked me when I was young, since then I developed a phobia for dogs, what I have noticed now I am ok I do not take different routes when I see a dog, Glory Halleluiah, thank you for heading to the Holy Spirit, Jesus still heals.


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