My Story of Accelerated Healing!

24.2.18 I fall off a 12″ platform and fracture my arm in 5 places. Cardiff Healing Rooms pray for me immediately.

In order for Ray to teach in the afternoon, I lie in a darkened room. 8/10 pain. Nauseous. Even light touch on my arm not tolerated. I thank God anyway. He works good in all things.

I ask God “What’s the chink in my armour?” Multiple confessions ensue, but I remember having vowed to do my utmost never to go to hospital ever again and this is a classic ‘unholy vow’. In who’s strength? Mine or God’s?

1 1/2 hours later something amazing happens: fear, shock and trauma leave me and seemingly fly out the window. I rise, eat, draw back the curtains and hug many people without inducing pain, even when they squeeze and pat my arm.

27.2.18 Fracture clinic: the doctor says I couldn’t have done a worse job and that it’s unlikely I’ll ever be able to lift my arm above my head again. We tell her we believe in a God who heals.

6.3.18 Fear starts to return, as we navigate crowded airports and the plane to Malta.

8.3.18 Malta Healing Rooms pray off fear, shock and trauma.

9.3.18 I manage to raise my arm above shoulder height, with much glee and praising God.

14.3.18 Fracture Clinic. Doc says prayer is working. Every day I can do something I couldn’t do yesterday. My healing is accelerated.

20.3.18 Physio: “What can you do?” He asks. “It’s quicker if I tell you what I can’t do”, promptly raising my arms above my head. “But can you put your arms behind your back?” “Easy!” I say showing him. “That’s amazing!” He says. “That’s God!”

11.4.18 Radiographer: “I don’t know how far you can raise your arm for this X-Ray.” “Really high actually!” “You’re having us all on!” She laughs when she sees my arm right above my head. “God has healed me.” “Now He needs to heal the whole world” she says. “That’s the plan!”

I show Doc that there’s a little bit of movement in arm raising that I still can’t do. “No, I believe you will be able to do it. Your progress is phenomenal. Most people at this stage can hardly lift above waist level. It’s amazing what a positive attitude can do.” “No! People prayed for me and the pain left. Healing comes quickly when there’s no pain!” She nods her head and then shakes my hand, discharging me from care.

A post script about Harry Potter. 

I have loved HP. My children love HP. I have taught on HP at university. I can tell you all the good things about HP. But a week before I broke my arm, I learnt an awful lot about real witches. They really love HP and Rick Joyner, in ‘The Final Quest’ mentions the ability of evil to baptise the masses through movies and other media. It was on the day of the fracture, in the dark going downstairs in the early hours, that the door to the ‘cupboard under the stairs’ flew open and a cardboard box flew out; one of a number of psychic happenings, but a quite obvious nod to HP. After all that’s happened, do I choose HP or God? Well, I don’t fancy another fracture. So I choose God’s School of Supernatural Life. Bye Bye Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


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